The Project

“POPOLI CONTRO TO CASSINO – A War in the Mirror.” is a project that aims to promote Cassino’s historical and cultural heritage linked to the historical memory of the Second World War.

Teleuniverso has implemented a number of activities that uninvolve through the realization of:

  • 20/25 minutes of wartime documentary filmed on the places where the events really took place;
  • Educational workshops with young students from the project’s partner schools;
  • Collaboration with tour operators, cultural associations of the territory for the organization of tour packages dedicated to the discovery of the territory;
  • Events at the Atelier “Memory Gate” of the Historial Museum of Cassino.
6 short films filmed on the sites of battles that tell dramatic episodes of the history of the Cassino’s neighbour related to the Second World War.

Teleuniverso wanted to make available to local companies a tool for the e-commerce of local products and authentic experiences, selected in agreement with tour operators and local associations.

The Atelier Memory Gate is the heart of the initiative, a place of events and cultural initiatives dedicated to memory.

The students of the Cervaro Comprehensive Institute and San Vittore del Lazio and the I.I.S. “Gold Medal – City of Cassino” are the protagonists of the Tg “The History”, which in 12 editions tells the most significant events of the Second World War.