Mignano Monte Lungo

Photo by Damiano Parravano

Mignano Monte Lungo is a town of about 3,310 inhabitants in the province of Caserta on the border with Lazio.

A village of very ancient origins, it is the destination of a memory tourism motivated above all by the interest in the events of the Second World War.

During the conflict, in fact, in Mignano two battles were fought within the Italian campaign.

So much so that it is a shared opinion among scholars that, while the toponym Mignano derives from the Latin name of person Minius, the latter toponym Monte Lungo, was added in 1947 in memory of the battles that were fought here for the taking of the mountain.

Among the tourist attractions of the village it is certainly worth mentioning the lovely historic center where you can admire the Castle of Ettore Fieramosca, a beautiful 12th century manor that still stands imposingly over the village.

Added to this is the church of Santa Maria Grande, built in the 16th century at the behest of the wife of the King of Capua.

The military museum at the foot of monte Lungo, where you can view documents and finds from the battle.

Porta Fratte, the famous medieval gate that marked the entrance to the feud. Its ruins, the only remnant of the medieval walls, are placed in a characteristic uncontaminated historical district and leave room for imagination bringing the tourist back a thousand years.

And, of course, the military memorial. Opened in 1951, the military cemetery contains the remains of 974 Italian soldiers, 784 of whom fell during the Second World War in the battles of Montelungo and Cassino, while the rest come from the old Mignano war cemetery.

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The route runs for about 25 km, from the Alto Casertano to the Valle del Liri